About us

We're here because we care.

Hello and welcome .. We're a husband & wife team, we set up the fresh print studio out of genuine necessity, so we're able to juggle our daughters care needs. She's a complex young lady with a very rare geneitc condition (MPPH Syndrome - less than 100 diagnoses worldwide). She needs help around the clock, daily therpeutic input, as well as many hospital & therapy appointments each week. As you can imagine, it became impossible for us to hold down regular employment.

I myself (Justin) have been involved with printing for much longer than I'd like to admit :) Coupled with my wifes (Kelly) eye for detail & creative edge, creating fine, quality printed items comes quite naturally to us.

Any trust you place in us by way of ordering goods would be gratefully received, you would be in safe, competent & genuinely caring hands.

Thank you for your time,

Justin & Kelly.

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The Fresh Print Studio
Office 6, 1st Floor, Corporation Building, Depot Road,
Aberdare, CF44 8DL. 
United Kingdom.
Email: thefreshprint.studio@gmail.com
Tel: 07908321376