About us

Hello and welcome to the Fresh Print Studio .. We're a family run print shop where every order is personally crafted by hand, when ordered. We're a husband and wife team set up out of genuine necessity, to be able to both flexibly work, while also meeting the 24/7 priority care needs of our daughter. We've spent over 25 years' in the print industry working for various company's in an industrial setting, producing work for blue chip customers both in the UK & Worldwide. Since then, we've spent over 15 years printing & selling from various platforms, gaining a wealth of direct customer service experience. Any trust you place in us by way of ordering goods would be gratefully received, coupled with the assurance you would be in genuinely safe, competent & caring hands. Thank you for your time, Justin & Kelly.   

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The Fresh Print Studio
Office 6, 1st Floor, Corporation Building, Depot Road,
Aberdare, CF44 8DL. 
United Kingdom.